World Busk Map 2009

Musicians on all seven continents took to the streets (or ice floes and flight decks) to raise money for Musequality during out first World Busk in June. We estimate that around 811 buskers in 75 locations in 17 countries on 7 continents and one sea performed in the first Musequality World Busk raising a whopping £14,719, a fantastic result. And we’re going to do it all again. 7-13 June are the dates. Please register now

World Record 2009

At 12 noon on Sunday 14 June. 483 people in 29 cities in 14 countries on all seven continents helped establish a record for the largest co-ordinated busk in the world. BBC World News broadcast clips of buskers throughout the day while the crew of HMS Illustrious, in the middle of a foggy Baltic Sea took a break from their NATO exercise to boost our numbers. Near the South Pole, the Antarctic Minkes were chipping ice off their guitars as the temperature dropped to minus 15 C. Nine harpists took to the streets in Adamstown, PA, William Cooper bagpiped in Picadilly Circus and even the Chief of Police in the Falkland Islands was seen strumming a guitar . Light Relief started the world record busk in Tauranga, New Zealand, followed closely by Ist Café Tonia in Kobe, Japan. 21 hours later, the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, Musequality’s guitar hero, Michael Partington (who busked all seven days!) and violinist, David McCaroll were among the last buskers that day. There were several mass busks – 50 crewmembers on HMS Illustrious, 30 Friends of Goa at the Ruislip Lido, 42 at Stanley, Falkland Islands and 141 speed-buskers in just ten minutes at the Bedford Park Festival in west London. All participants were required to have an independent witness and to fill in a witness form and return it to us. More details

Red pins are buskers who took part in the world record attempt, blue pins are buskers who took part at other times during the week and orange pins are private busk performances. Green pins show the approximate location of registered users.

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